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I thought i'd make it easy to find. so I'm reposting

"" scam



A couple weeks ago I bought some .223 ammunition online.
That is how simple it started. It was 1000 rounds of .223
military surplus for $250. The price was right so I jumped on it.

Well the next day I was looking at my bank statement and I was
charged twice $500.00. So I contacted him and he said he would address this issue.
He never did. Then about a week later a package was left on my porch.

UPS left a package on the porch without a signature.
It just so happens it's 500 rounds of 45 A.C.P. So I call UPS
and they say Eric did not say to have it signed for on delivery.
So UPS is just doing there job.

When I spoke to Eric he said I got what I ordered. I sent every single
thing I could to prove him wrong. Now he is mad and will not pay for me to send him back the .45 ammo. And he will not credit my bank account. So he puts in a claim in to UPS. and said he was going to file a claim with the police. That I was scamming him. That's a long story short. He also is blocking my emails and phone calls.
So I can't contact him.

What do you think I should do? He is in New Jersey. If I send him the package back
and he doesn't credit my account. Then he has my $500.00 and I don't have squat.
I can't help but wonder if he did not know what they sent me.
It could be possible he sent my package to anywhere land.

I was pretty sure you had to sign for Ammo. just to prove you got it and you are of age. Had he asked for a signature
the pistol ammo. was NOT what I ordered And just not accepted the package and sent it back.

As of 10/28/2006 VISA has managed to get my money back
I had to prove every single thing. From his P.O. all the way to me sending him back the .45 ammunitionc tracking order.

He claimed to file a police report on this matter. I just wanted you to know my side. I think Eric at should be audited
for having the correct paper work. from what a person buys
online. What kind of ammunition that person was
shipped. If it was recieved and the order was correct. And if the person was of age.

Well after 3 weeks of dealing with this crap I got things straight.
As suggested I went to my bank, UPS,New Jersey police and the

It was a bitch providing all the documents I kept from the purchase
through the very end of this mess. After proving to all the people and places that I infact ordered 1000 rounds of .223And I never ordered 2000 rounds. Then I had to prove I never ordered 500 rounds of .45 ACP.

I even used the very same documents he sent me confirming the order.
Bank statments, UPS tracking codes and ALL the emails of ammoman
and myself going back and forth. Including the email block he put me on.

Then I sent him back the .45 ACP I never ordered.
I needed that tracking number from UPS. My credit union got back all
the money and credited my account. I can't tell you how much B.S.
this took. That deal is over!

I can't tell anyone where to shop. But for the record HELL will freeze
over before I deal with and Eric again.
If you do keep every single thing from start to finish.
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