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My ammoman deal

Hello, I had a deal with ammoman go very bad a while back.
I posted the whole story from start to finish. I got some flack about that.
But I sware every single detail on my "boxcar" Ammoman deal is true.
Ya he has some friends that bashed me, so what.

I had absolutely NOTHING to gain by making that whole deal up.
It took me a very long time try and warn other gun owners about "Eric",
the owner of ammoman. I can also say if I made that up he would have tried to sue me. But when it was over he knew I had all the email's, paper work,
pictures and UPS documents to back it up. That was a long time ago.
but it's worth reading it again. Be careful if you chose to buy anything from him.

Go back and have a look at all my posts "boxcar"-ammoman deal-
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