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Just called them now and had a pleasant conversation with what must have been Steve, I think. I was surprised and pleased to learn that their turnaround time is...

6 weeks!!!

right now. This is quite an attractively short turnaround, as I am used to waiting much longer for holsters.

Semper Paratus said:

I am a 4 or 5 time repeat customer
Aha! The Rafter owners are emerging, slowly but surely. Since you have several pieces of leather from Rafter, could you by any chance elaborate on what model(s) they are (I'm thinking of OWB, personally), what guns you had them made for, and, if you do own any of the OWB variety, please comment about this issue I mentioned above:

J-framer said:

One other thing I saw somebody mention on this other forum - something that I'd not seen in any other review - is that their (Rafter's) OWB holster doesn't ride that close to the body, and is therefore not that concealable. Needless to say, I was not too encouraged by hearing this. The fundamental nature of OWB means, of course, that it won't be as hidden as your average IWB rig. But I was still hoping for a nice, snug, close ride. The only front-wrap OWB holster I currently own is a JIT slide from Don Hume, and it sits very close to the body and is quite concealable.
I'm not ready to forego ordering a Rafter holster solely on the basis of the one report I reference above, but I am hoping that some other Rafter customer(s) will relate their experiences and opinions about the concealability of the OWB model (regarding how close to the body it rides, not the necessity of a longer covering garment, which of course can't be helped).

If you're out there, Semper Paratus and any others, come on in and discuss! Thanks.
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