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N-frame Smith,

Thank you! I have been away for a while and only checked this thread this morning.

The pictured holster looks very classy (appears to be elephant with alligator trim?).

You may have called them by now and answered all your questions...
Actually, I emailed them close to a week ago requesting an approximate turnaround time. No answer yet. This is a little strange, since most of the reviews I read about Rafter cited prompt communication as a big plus of these people's operation. I should call them, and probably will soon.

On their website, right at the top of the home page there is a note: "We would like to thank everyone for being so patient while we worked through out machinery break down." Huh. Don't know exactly what that portends, but since "worked" is past tense it seems whatever troubles they're talking about are over - hopefully.

Doing searches about Rafter S over on another forum, I came across a post from August of this year in which somebody references another holster maker's backlog and compares it to "Rafter's backlog once the word got out".

Doesn't sound all that good, though as I pointed out above, a wait of even several months would still be okay for me - though I used to hear about much shorter turnarounds from them.

One other thing I saw somebody mention on this other forum - something that I'd not seen in any other review - is that their (Rafter's) OWB holster doesn't ride that close to the body, and is therefore not that concealable. Needless to say, I was not too encouraged by hearing this. The fundamental nature of OWB means, of course, that it won't be as hidden as your average IWB rig. But I was still hoping for a nice, snug, close ride. The only front-wrap OWB holster I currently own is a JIT slide from Don Hume, and it sits very close to the body and is quite concealable. Maybe Jinzoningen80, if he sees this, will chime in again to comment on this issue. That's a relatively heavy gun he carries in his, too.

That's why I was hoping to hear from people who have Rafter holsters. It seems that while back, I used to hear quite a bit about them, but not so much anymore.

If anybody else happens along with any information/reviews/comments, please post!
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