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Yea we know that but there is someone somewhere that is probably going to stuff some +P ammo into a 38 conversion or something. The cylinder might survive, I assume it is made from properly hardened modern steels for safety margins, but the BP frame and barrel won't take much of that! The thing that worries me is if there is some problems with folks buying no license or paperwork BP guns and just converts them into CF revolvers in effect making it a gun of the type that would normally be more closely scrutinised and gets on the radar screen of law makers. Then they go to the BATF and start selling the cylinders as "regulated firearms" in themselves or something.
I dont' understand the use of the word, "worry".

There are several thousand of these converted guns in use, and they have been in use for a few years. I rather think that the BATFE and the lawmakers are well aware of them. They are not exactly a well kept secret, being advertised throughout the gun sports community. And there have not been a significant number (any?) of frames failing due to use of "+p ammo". I'm inclined to think the problem may not be worth much worry.

But, let's assume for a minute that your "worry" is something to deal with. What would you have us do? Should we stop buying/selling conversion cylinders? If not, what would it take to assuage your concern?
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