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Although the conversion cylinders seam like a pretty neat novelty & I agree could be construed as a way for persons that could not legally obtain a firearm to have a firearm that fires a self contained cartridge I do not think that this would a big concern because most persons in that catagory are more interested in rapid fire semi autos & dubble action revolvers & would concidder a weapon like this to be slightly dificult & some what expensive for what they get conciddering that you do have to dissasemble the weapon to convert it in the first place & unless you purchase a .36 caliber Remington or Colt to convert it to a .38 special most of the other ammunition isn't available at your local Walmart so doing the conversion would be almost useless.

I have no intrest in a conversion cylinder for any of my C&B revolvers because to me it takes away from the essence of that particular revolver but instead, I may eventually buy a Cimarron Arms Richards-Mason 1860 revolver, to add to my collection of reproduction Colt type revolvers & my orriginal 1851 Colt Navy.

Besides a good ole Ball & or a load of BB's from my 1860 Army is formidable enough to most who would stand in front of it, if I was to have it loaded & it be the weapon that I chose at the moment of truth.
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