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Great cheap stock trick CHECK THIS OUT!

Everyone who has a ruger 10/22 marlin model 60 or any other .22 that they would like to give a very classy tacticool look should try this!
I went from this



I used Rust-oleum automobile primer #2089 dark grey primer (1 coat)
Rust-oleum flat protective enamel #7776 flat black (1 coat)
Krylon "Make it STONE!" textured paint #18212 obsidian (1 coat)Practice First!
and Krylon Fabulous finished "Make it LAST" Clear coat sealer (several coats)

In that order apply the paint to a COMPLETELY sanded stock. I spend over 2 hours hand sanding that stock down (80 want it to have some scratch to hold the paint) to its bare finish and making shure it was the perfect texture etc...
The more time you spend sanding and waiting for your coats to dry the harder your coat will be and the longer it will last. After sanding wet a rag and wipe the stock to get all sawdust off. After waiting for it to dry use blue painters tape to tape up the action and barrel area. I chose NOT to remove my sling studs...They would have gotten loose making me tighten them more next time and having a crooked stud. I just taped them very precisely. This coat is amazing! It has a great feel to it...Does not chip off and has lasted me over 6 months now. It also looks great. Let me know if you have any questions and try this is you like it at all! The results are well worth it for 20$$$

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