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First let me say Uberti products are the best replica stuff other than USFA....that having been said Pietta products are also very good now days(not so ten years ago) can get a 1858 Remy at Cabela's for $199.99 and this is a very good replica(I own three) can then go to Midway and get a conversion cylinder...either Uberti or Pietta, Euroarms or Ruger(44 to .45 long colt) for $239 or so....they drop right in most of the time....I had to take the blue off my(Pietta) cylinder pin(5 mins work)then it droped right it was said in one of these post's above, go to CAS City and you will find all the info you will need on conversion cylinders...this is what I did....great forum! PS: I agree with Hawg Haggen....Rugers are tuff....built like tanks BUT they are not historically correct....a major point if you are into the old west...Uberti,Pietta,USFA and a bunch more incl.the one's that have gone out of business have built correct replica's. Another good sorce for replica's is Dixie Gun works....good prices and some hard to find replica revolvers like Reb stuff...Uberti made for the most part,some Pietta.

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