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Ugly dude on the cover of SWAT!!

Just Kidding Mr. L!

Congratulations on another great issue of S.W.A.T.. It is the usual healthy mix of hard info and equipment reviews.

I request that you include more articles along the lines of the Pat Rogers checklist articles from past issues.

Leroy Thompson is always interesting too. It is nice for someone to break the AR/1911 lockstep. In that vein, I have really enjoyed the AK articles lately. You should have a pro like Mr. Rogers write up an article on the proper deployment of AKs.

I also love Mr. Awerbucks musings. I wish you could tie him down and formalize his thoughts a little more. I would like to see some "how to" articles from Mr. A in the future.

Thanks, I really enjoy your magazine. It seems like they are coming out more frequently lately, which is a good thing. Hell, I wish you could go weekly.

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