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I bought a Rafter S holster for my 1911 in 2004 and it's been perfect. I still wear it daily. I didn't realize just how great it is until I was forced to carry a snub-nose revolver in a kydex holster for a month (1911 was in the shop.) What a pain that was! Even though the 1911 weighs almost twice as much, the holster made all the difference in comfort.

The cant is slightly more than i would have liked but it does conceal better.

The gun fit in the holster is perfect. Even after almost 4 years of use, i can still turn it upside-down and the gun wont fall out.

I wish I could answer your wait time question but that will depend on whether they have it in stock. I placed the order for mine on Dec 31st and got it on Jan 15th.

here are some pix i took back in 2004:

I can't praise Rafter S's holster enough but that spring clip on the mag pouch is unbearable! I'll never buy another clip-on after dealing with my rafter S mag pouch's steel clip constantly digging into my side.
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