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A few questions about Rafter S. Gunleather

Hello friends,

I've been thinking about getting a Rafter S. Gunleather holster (OWB model). Though their name isn't tossed about as much as the "big name" holster-makers such as Milt Sparks, Mitch Rosen, Garrity, Alessi, Brommeland and others, I have seen nothing but positive reviews on their products.

Did a search here and turned up some good info, but nothing too recent. So, for those of you who have patronized Rafter S., a few questions:

In general, were you satisfied with the overall quality?

A BIGGIE - how long are their wait times, and do you know if you must wait longer for an exotic-skin holster than for a regular one?

How was the cant on their OWB model? Not enough, just right, too much?

How was the fit of the gun in the holster?

I have been to their website and seen the pictures of their holsters. Though it's true that they offer limited models, those photos set my mouth watering, truth be told. Very impressive.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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