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holster cant?

Most have described the cant of a holster by the face of a clock(I'm guessing because after a number the phrase "o'clock" is inputed) does this method of description entail the muzzle as the clocks hand, the butt as the hand, or the....beaver tail as the clocks hand? Iv been assuming the muzzle but have ran across a few posts on various forums stating "3 o'clock" as the the cant set for their IWB holster. If my assumptions are correct then how do you comfortably conceal a firearm with the length of the slide pressed to your side/back/abs behind a belt? Please enlighten me. I'm looking for a first IWB holster and wish to know how to describe what I need to the holster maker when placing an order. Also if anyone has any suggestions on what cant and position to conceal on a 5'9" 145lbs frame please help. The ONLY way I've found(I know not of all the posibilities and options to conceal) decent to actualy conceal where its really hidden is at 7-8 o'clock(if my clock describing assumptions are correct....muzzle being the clocks hand) does 7-8 o'clock sounds inadequate?

*edit* oh yeah, and the 7-8 o'clock cant is positioned between the back and the strongside hip.

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