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"I have to disagree on this point also. The 17 hmr is not a sufficient yote round at any range let alone 200 plus yards. Even those rabies infested scoundrels deserve better than that."

Hate to argue on this one, not trying to pick a fight but I have killed a yote with my 17 and it did a fine job. That is originally why I set up my 17 was for coyotes. I bring them in closer then normal because I don't do any fancy calling or anything. I stroll the woods with a red light and stumble upon them. I put it down in two shots first in the stomach, second right in the neck. Did a fine job in my opinion since I'm not a good enough shot and he was trotting away. I'd say ti was around 50 yarder too (off the top of my head guess). I wouldn't do much more then that on a yote with them, but it did nicely.


P.S. - 20 Grain Hornady XTP ammo, very nice stuff
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