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thanks everyone

I do understand Milt Sparks is a reputable company, its pretty evidant considering I must wait half a year for a holster. But like EVERYONE has said......but maybe one out of about 20(that I've read so far) diffrent posters from various boards stated that once they finaly received their Sparks holster they pretty much retired the other holsters bought for that particular firearm and carried in that particular manner. So although I am iffy about how it will work for me(diff strokes for diff folks) considering the wait time and cost of the holster, I'm not too concerned about it, chances are I will like it, or at the least learn to like it because this holster in fact will be my first IWB holster so quite honestly I won't know what a bad holster feels like.......I'm actualy trying to avoid from getting first hand experience with non-adequate holsters and becoming a holster collector.

Although checking with retailers to see if they have Sparks holsters in stock isn't a bad idea, chances are they will not have the one I need. Seems like most holsters pre-made are made for glocks, 1911s, or sigs. The holster is for a Walther p99 so I highly doubt anyone stocks those unfortunatly, but hell, I may call them just to make sure, I'd pay alittle more to get it sooner-*wink *wink TK. <---think about it Tony.

Its made clear that the triple digit security code is for protection to me and the retailer due to the fact that the card is not present.....but that is my concern from the begaining. Someone besides me knowing all the info to play santa on my expense(time is money and cleaning it all up afterwards is very expensive.....ID theft is a major problem these days)

You guys are right, reputable companys are not to be worried too awfuly about. Good suggestion about the temp shopping number. Ill probably give Sparks a call soon as I figure out the most effective cant....I'm 5'9" and not too many ways you can hide an "L" shaped object on an "I" shaped person. I know this question should be posted somewhere else but while I'm at it......Any suggestions on the cant for a person of these specs? 5-9 145lbs?

Obviously Milt Sparks left a company in great hands, thanks TK for addressing these issue along with everyone else. Deff made a deciding difference.

*edit* deet-dee-dee....ahahah the whole time I had a mind set of sending an order and paying by internet, yeah, ordering by phone IS a lot more secure, but still doesn't eliminate risks.
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