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I have seem plenty of the 44 mag marlins jam. It's more then an operator's error. I first learned about this with the 44mag back in the 70's. And then I purchased one almost new and it evenually started jamming after a couple hundred rounds. Back then there was a gun dealer I frequented that would not hardly even trade for a used Marlin 44mag because of the jamming issue and having people come back on him.

You would think after a hundred years they could cure the problem. I had one 1895 in 45/70 that gave a little trouble. However, I had a 336 in 30/30 that always worked fine. And that is why I now own Winchester pistol caliber leveractions in 44 mag and 357 mag, instead of Marlins.

I had one problem with a 39M 22 rimfire, failing to feed from the mag tube. I had a gunsmith fix it for me, and had no more problems. I had a 39A purchased new, that got shot, thousands of rounds and never failed, except for a broken firing pin. The 39s usually work, except some would occasionally break a firing pin. I used to keep extras under the butt plate of my 39's, just in case. Fortunately they are very easy to change out.
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