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Originally Posted by FirstFreedom
that's a good stabber
Not that I'm the ghost of Jim Bowie, but that was my initial concern, as well.

I wondered what if my Razel was my EDC for that day, and with my luck, that was the day I was to meet a mugger and his crack pipe.

But after I bought my first Razel (and now this custom) I don't worry much.

It is definitely a bona fide 'chisel.' If you get the chance, peruse the tool aisle at Sears and pick up a Craftsman chisel that has a blade 1 1/4 inches wide.

Now imagine a scared, angry, bemused, flushed, bipolar, Quixotic, weary, and Tachy-Psyche befuddled old biker chip away at an aggressor who has chosen the wrong line of employment.

I don't think the supposed 'blunt' end of my Razel is any set back, whatsoever...

(I wish you could see just exactly how this edge shines. I don't mean polished like brushed aluminum, I mean a 'mirror' clear enough to see your eyes reflected.)

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