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Originally Posted by Creature
If it were around the $100 mark...
It's funny that you would bring up those points. Those were my concerns when I started to get serious about knives.

Before I sought out decent knives, I carried anything with an edge. Frankly, I got lousy performance.

I finally bought a +100 dollar folder, and checked my pocket every ten minutes to assure I hadn't lost it. I still 'rub' my front pocket to check to see if the clip is secure. A bad habit.

It's amazing to see guys at the sporting goods store who will buy a +$60K F-350, a Weatherby rifle, a Leupold scope and then a 9 dollar Chinese knife.

As for a fixed blade knife, in my entire life this is my fourth fixed blade. I was never much of a fan.

Like any other decent product, I admire good craftsmanship. And this knife has that in spades. The overall length of the knife is a tad under 8 inches. It fits in the pocket like any good folder. In fact, just the ring and a bit of the handle show.
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