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Yes, this knife is for my personal collection. I sharpen and sell knives, and I promised myself that when I started my business I wasn't going to be one of those "custom snobs."

Like any other hobby, when you see how things are made, you start to gravitate towards well-made items, and to craftsmen who care as much about their products as you do. Josh Graham is that kind of guy, and I love his work.

This knife is like any other knife I own. It's to be an EDC, and I will use it for personal chores, for work, and when I ride. It might have an odd shape when you first look at it, but it's also some very original outside-the-box thinking.

Yes, that is a black linen micarta handle. Nice catch.

And yes, S30V steel can be a tad toothy and it works just fine. Having said that, most of my commercial restaurant clients want mirror finishes. This knife will also be polished in that manner, because another use is that it show off the services of my company.

This forum does touch upon firearms as tools and instruments for self-defense, and I think our knives should be presented in that manner, as well. Clearly, this is one heck of a tool. And for the purposes of any debate, the Razel is a formidable self-defense item.

With my hand locked in the ring, it is almost impossible to get the knife away from me. With its thick blade blank it is useful to puncture.

Obviously, the blade geometry makes it keen on slashing.

However, in talking with the guys at Graham, they are most proud of the fact that they have designed and constructed an almost unbreakable tool and hunting implement.
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