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...that's not a knife, THIS is a knife...

My new custom knife came today after a long six month wait.

It is a Graham Brothers 'Razel.' And the name is an amalgamation of 'razor' and 'chisel.' Heck, it even has brass knuckles on the back end. It is made of S30V, hardened by Paul Bos.

The edge is a toothy sharp, and I see no need to mirror finish the edge until wear shows up. Needless to say, it cut everything I threw at it today.

It comes with a form fitting leather sheath that rides inside your right front jeans' pocket, just like a folding clip knife.

Now, I've become a lover not a fighter. And truth be told, I believe that pulling a knife should be about the last thing a sane man should try.

Disclaimer over. If I am ever attacked (or if my dog is attacked--inside joke) this is the knife I want to be holding! There really is no 'pleasant' end for an aggressor to grab.

If I don't slice him with the razor, or puncture his skull with the chisel, I can pommel him senseless with the end ring.

Having said that, this is one hell of a tool. I have taken many shots of knives with mirror edges, and the bevel are always black. It's too bad, this one will be beautiful.

This is a pic of my actual knife, taken by Josh Graham, the craftsman who built the knife:

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