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Mykeal hit it right on the head with all the info that I would have given you...

I will add though that if you do use your Cap & Ball Revolver as a home deffence weapon to only load it with 5 shots so that the hammer can rest on an empty chamber, less likely to have an accident with it if the weapon is dropped or something.

I used to keep my 1860 Army loaded with 28gr. of FFFG Goex black powder & a 147gr. .457 ball & grease over the chambers & used #10 Remington caps "they fit it better than #11" & kept it loaded for sometimes a cupple of months like that for the same reason "didn't get my Colt m1911A1 till 1990 so it was my only deffence weapon till then."

as far as conversions go try here....
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