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Marlin does have a cure, so do a couple other gunsmiths.
My wife's .32-20 was doing it for a while, we sent it to a friend from her CAS days a while back & he did the fix. I can't recall the specifics, but it's the engagement between the lever and either the bolt or the carrier. As it was explained to me, if the "fix" is in early enough (simple to do) the gun will never develop a problem. On those guns that do have the tolerances off in the affected area, once the wear develops sufficiently, it can involve parts replacements to correct the jamming.
There's another fairly common Marlin jam, caused by a loose screw. (Slip me ten bucks & I'll tell you which one. )
I've seen more than one pistol-calibered Marlin jam up at cowboy shoots bad enough to require disassembly with a screwdriver.
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