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BP Revolver???

I like black powder and put together a couple of single-shot pistol kits from Dixie. A Plains Pistol and a N.O. Ace. Shot the Plains last year at camp and it was kinda fun! But I might like a revolver. Don’t have much time for building one, so maybe I’ll buy it assembled. They seem pretty reasonable, so less guff from the wife and no paperwork in CA (at least that I know of). Should be simple to pick one up.

I like the bigger bore guns and I want it to bark every time I pull the trigger.

Anything to stay away from here?

As I said in a home defense thread I posted, I need a weapon for the garage. Would a reasonable man count on one of these things for this duty?

If yes; anything special needs to be done?

Reload every so may days, weeks?

Seal the chambers?

Anything else?
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