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Honest Milt Sparks?

Has anyone heard/read of any negative reports on the way milt sparks(holster company) does business? By no means am i suggesting they do bad business so please dont mistaken. I am in need of a quality holster and have only found one thus far that seems like it may be perfect and its the Versa Max 2 from Milt Sparks. The only problem im having, besides the quoted delivery date as of sept-9th is 20-26weeks, is the method of paying. They seem to only accept credit cards, debit cards, and checks. The only way to pay by credit card is to reveal all sensitive information such as the card number.....expiration date-no problem, but what kills me is their need for the 3 digit security code in the back of the card. Ive emailed them with my concern and stated im not in the practice of giving such info especialy through the internet and asked if they accept paypal. They responded with a polite "no" and contiuned on with listing their acceptable way of pay, being credit card, debit, and checks. Yeah, some may say "then go with the check option" but dude! with a 20-26 week wait i cant affort another week or two for check clearance. SO! back to my question, to those who have purchased from Milt Sparks, what has been your method of pay? How was the experiance weather it be by credit, debit, or check. To those who purchased by card, was there any hiccups? And to those paying by check, how long did it take to receive some sort of verification of payment registry?
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