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On dead calm days, I have seen guys at the 100 yard range, stack one shot after the other in a dime sized group. But I have also watched the same guys shoot with a light cross wind, and watched the groups open up to 3".

If a guy was hunting yotes at 200 to 250 yards, I would think that would probably be the extreme limit for a humane kill, if a shot is well placed.

Prarie dogs, rabbits , squirrel, and the like, would probably be out of the question out past 150 yards, in a real hunting situation.

I'm not a big fan of the .17 but I know a lot of the guys like them at the range. I shoot a .22 magnum mostly for small game, and a .204 Ruger for varmints, neither of which is as wind sensative as the .17
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