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"for the life of me, I simply can not understand why Sparks will not add the needed resources to make holsters in a timely manner, say, three weeks."

Quality takes time. One thing about Tony Kanaley and Milt Sparks, they are very good about getting the product out when they say they will. You can't say that about all the holstermakers out there.

I have a Del Fatti OWB and I'm waiting on an IWB. I am willing to wait for that one, no matter how long it takes. Right now, September 2007 Matt Del Fatti is working on November 2005 orders. I had an order in with another "known" holstermaker and was told "three to four months", I cancelled my order after eight months.

I am aware of Matt Del Fatti's time frame, so I have no problem with that. It is the inability of some holstermakers to honestly project their timeframe that irks me.

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