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Originally Posted by Avenger11
I fully expect, now that I have said my piece that this will be deleted and/or I will be banned.
Don't hold your breath waiting for either of those things to happen. You'll just turn blue as you sit and wait, and wait, and ...

Just saying the things you have said shows you don't know a lot about how things are run here at TFL. People don't get banned for voicing their opinions. The most common reason is voicing disparaging remarks about other members.

It's truly ironic that a few members have said "Lighten Up" because that is the exact title of the editorial forward in the October issue. Instead of it being written by the editor that month, it was written by the publisher of S.W.A.T. Magazine, Rich Lucibella. The reason I mention it is to quote one small thing he said that is pertinent to your perceived problem with using attractive women on a calendar. He said (bolding added by me):
If you no longer recognize the difference between a drill and a technique; an advertising image and a gender; or your actual self from your super-ego, you're taking yourself way too seriously.
I think that is very profound and apropos to your assertion that you are being bombarded with the sexual exploitation of women to peddle goods or magazines.
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