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First of all my name is not Francis. Your right, I should lighten up, but quite frankly I am getting really tired of every form of media bombarding me with the sexual exploitation of women to peddle their goods. Where does it all end? Some of my favorite, and long respected gun mags now have ads for male enhancement products,and videoes on how to improve my sex life.
And now my favorite gun forum is using the member E-mail data base to promote and sell magazines and calenders with provacative photos of women and guns. Again, I ask, how does this raise the bar or is on topic for the goal of resposnsible firearm ownership, or make us better Ambassadors to the world on gun ownership.?
Antipastis, of course it's about the money! It's about increasing circulation! I'm sorry, but your response was patronizing and naive.
I fully expect, now that I have said my piece that this will be deleted and/or I will be banned. But I had to say it!
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