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Awesome service from Packin' Leather

You asked about the Galco Concealable. Well, it arrived today. Not bad considering I ordered it Monday. It arrived via USPS in a padded envelope. Inside the holster was packed in the usual Galco plastic bag you see in the gun shops. I gotta tell ya the Concealable is a fine looking holster. It'll need some breaking in but I've used Galco products in the past and breaking in their holsters is a cinch with a little time spent massaging the thing and inserting and removing the handgun while watching TV. The cant of the holster is a little more than what we normally call "FBI Cant" so that's good as far as I'm concerned insofar as it puts the butt of my P229 at an angle that doesn't print when bending over. It'll conceal well under an untucked shirt or jacket.

As for the Combat Master I ordered from Packin' Heat, they e-mailed me today that they had received Tan whereas I had ordered Black and I told them to send the Tan cause Galco was telling them it would be some time getting the Black holster to them. These guys are great to work with, terrific service and very good prices.


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