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Don Hume or Bianchi 100??? Kahr P40 covert

Hey folks,
I'm looking for some opinions. I have a recently purchased Kahr P40 covert that I need to get an IWB holster for. Thus far I've narrowed my choices down to the Bianchi 100 professional and the Don Hume clip-on. The Don Hume is less money ($20 cheaper) and has a re-enforced top for easier re-holstering but does not offer protection against a portion of the weapon being in direct contact with my sweaty skin. Not to mention the discomfort of the gun biting into my flab. The Bianchi does have the added backing keeping the weapon off of me but is not re-enforced on the top, so re-holstering is a pain. I looked at the Mitch Rossen but it is about $20 more than the more expensive Bianchi (around $65). I have been using a Bianchi 6D (suede) but it has a thumb break (placed ackwardly over the grip) which makes fast draw near impossible with the small grip of the Kahr and it has to be completely removed to re-holster, (it will be sold very soon.)
Opinions please???

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