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If you are the type to test and try a bunch of holster, all I'll add is to at least start with Renegade. Either you won't be sorry or you'll never be satisified.

xb40 is right - stainless rules! But do blue if that's what you have. Its better to have, than have not.

Hey Lou - I started out with a chopped Bulldog. Carried it until it started "keyholing" at 7 yards. Now I carry a Taurus 445.

Why carry a .38 when a 44 is available? Silvertips of course!s

The holster Nemesis pictures clearly illustrates the issue I have with 99% of ankle holsters.

1. A strap to hold the gun in.
2. A strap to hold the holster up.
3. A leather holster that is attached to the elastic band. Dissimilar materials work against each other, i.e. the holster flops away from the band.

FYI - Galco makes great holsters, but their ankle holster is not one of them.

As I recall the Renegade and the knock off from De Santis use a sheepskin lining.

My Cozy Partner came off unintentionally only once. I was digging in a narrow trench for a foundation. As I stepped, I brushed against the form and the wood peeled the elastic band open.

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