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To avoid the "Abuse of power" commonly experienced by individuals seeking the CLEO sign-off, Our Governor in Utah has made the statement that Utah is an NFA friendly state! Although it still costs a few bucks, we are able to go to the BCI (Bureau of Criminal Identification) and get fingerprints and the Signature in under an hour for about $13. I do like the idea of not waiting six weeks for form 4 to come back though! I may try the trust thing next time! Between the $16 I paid Kinkos for my photos and the $13 for prints, I can pay for the software in one submittal! The NFA craze is pretty amazing here in the Salt Lake Valley! Who would have known how many folks have no problem blowing $15-20K on a Registered sear (with free HK rifle) or Steyr AUG! We have a couple shops Dedicated to tactical weapons and machine guns! You won't find any Hunting rifles there!
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