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M193's and M855's don't fragment, regardless of the velocity at which you propel them. They rely on yaw to produce injury.

We haven't completed any testing on the heavier bullets using jello. Didn't really see the point. All of our testing up to this point has seen the 55 grain FMJBT's poke straight hole's through things with little yaw. We've been spending our testing budget on the lighter weight / higher velocity rounds such as 36 grain Barnes Varmint Grenades, Nosler Ballistic Tip 40 grain, etc. Those bullets reliably fragment at velocities as low as 1400 FPS.

One thing I would mention about the 'brassfetcher' test is the reported velocity and penetration using the PS90 carbine... I have to 'call BS' on their results. Their claimed velocity from the PS90 is what is achieved from the pistol, as is the penetration. Having chronographed thousands of factory rounds from both the pistol and carbine, my findings being within 1% of factory claims, and others reporting the same results... well, I hate to call someone's test results 'pre-conceived,' but 'if the shoe fits...'


What do I do late at night with my collection of guns that are so expensive you could never afford them? Why, all I have to say is: "What a man, a woman, another man, a midget, a goat, and a collection of very expensive firearms do in the privacy of their own bedroom is their own business."

And for the record, there are a number of public libraries who are open 24 hours to allow the homeless a place to take 'whore-baths' and cruise the internet for kiddie--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED-.

And, once again, I would point out that you have still to place one single fact in this thread. Not one. You haven't claimed any first-hand knowlede either, other than some little BS statement of "I shot my bro-in-law's last year..." Where are your facts? Where's YOUR research into the matter? As has been pointed out numerous times, you are nothing more than a troll looking for a fight.
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