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I think someone needs to start posting leo and civilian encounters involving the 5.7 regardless if its a positive or negative for the round. It would help people decide either way.

Thanks to this thread and p99guy i have been doing alot of internet research in to the round. From what i have seen it is amazingly consistent in its performance irregardless of barrel length it is fired from.Something our beloved 9/40/45 cant boast.

From the brassfetcher jello tests i have seen, the rounds(ss195,ss197) both perform as expected with similar results repeatedly. Despite the disparity of barrel length the rounds had a tendancy to penetrate to 9.6" with some penetrated up to 10"+ It also displayed amazing consistancy when shot through heavy clothing, with both rounds in both barrel lengths acting nearly the same as when shot at bare geletin. It was said that most people are only 12" thick when facing you, my second concern is, if the round only penetrates on average 9.5" how then will it reach the CNS, which is in the rear of the body, usualy around the 11"-12" mark. Caliber is not as important as hitting the CNS,hitting the CNS is what ends fights quickly, and the question remains, will this round reach the cns when it impacts at a center of mass shot.

Ill state that i still am un easy about depending my life on a hopped up 22lr, but the more i look at the results the more i understand its concept and appreciate the design. A bullet whose design allows it to perform very consistantly with repeatable predictable results, no matter what barrel length was used to fire it, despite being shot through 4 layers of denim is a very well designed round. Also considering the light recoil and massive magizine capacity up wards of 30rounds with the extenders.

I may have to purchase one and do my own tests. Maybe ill take it hog hunting and let thatbe the determining factor.
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