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That's silly and, well, worse than silly, idiotic. Not only should Medula make an attempt to check time/date stamps (hint no libraries open then or now), he should make the smallest effort to read what I have said on the subject as I have said nothing for which he seems so offended. I am beginning to wonder just exactly he does with his toys at night, alone, with nothing else left to comfort him. I have stated time and again that I don't mind other folks buying them. I have no use for them but am not on some Quixotic crusade against them. But doing even the smallest amount of research is beyond his abilities I suppose.

P99, if you wish to insult an entire profession (and get it right, Forester not forest ranger) fine by me, but perhaps you should do it with correct spelling? Come on, I would think from such scholarly adepts that you two would do a better job than this.
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