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The origional trigger guard was designed for gloved hands BUT DIDN'T FIT HEAVY WINTER GLOVES, HENCE THE NEW DESIGN.

Speaking of babbling, you sound like a brook (ya know what I mean, a little this case a stream of BS).

Still, as of your last post, you have yet to put up ONE SINGLE FACT. Not one. All you have done is attack people.

Here's a fact for you: "After wrestling with a pig in the mud for a while, you come to realize that the pig actually likes it."

I'm done with you and you're absolutely retarted attitude. You are one of those that would scream 'milk is black' if someone said it was white... Especially if that milk came from "Snooty Belgium" and was packaged in a high capacity, low lactose container.

One last point. I have figured out why you hate the gun so much... Yup, you're too poor to be able to afford one!!! LMAO ROFL!!! P99GUY was probably right, too... About having to use the library computer...
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