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What am I talking about???

The fact that you know nothing of what you speak!

Yet you continue to flap your fingers over the keyboard as if you actually have something intelligent to say or something of substance to add! Its amazing, actually...

Oh, and again to refute your claim of 'snobbiness' from FN not selling to us poor peasants.. WRONG!!!

That was BATFE. You see, anyone who imports a firearm has to prove (and get a certification from) to the BATFE that the weapon is 'particularliy suited for sporting purposes.' Lacking that certification, THEY MAY NOT BE SOLD TO ANYONE OTHER THAN .MIL AND LE.

So, once again you are proving your total and complete ignorance to the topic at hand.. And BTW, the new model (the USG) was adapted with the 'winter trigger guard,' cause' the origional models with their rounded 'ergonomic' trigger guard made shooting with winter gloves difficult.
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