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Oh, I have fired one. My brother-in-law purchased one in Texas. His is the first model with the winter trigger guard. Yeah, it has really light recoil. It punches tiny holes with other effects. Blah blah blah blah blah. That is all beyond the point. I'm even willing to accept that conventional wisdom about the round could be wrong. I would rather, though, for folks on these boards which are monitored by the enemy to avoid boasting too much about shooting through body armor as it DOES OUR SIDE NO GOOD AT ALL.

Try actually reading, you know, with your eyes open even if it means you have to move your lips, the posts I have actually made. No, I'm not in the least impressed by the FN, particularly since FN originally arrogantly said it would not be for civilians at all and directed dealers not to sell them to us. I frankly have no use for one but, and this might be tough for those with reading comprehension difficulties, I have already said I don't mind in the least for folks to own one and like them.

But, then, that might be a bit beyond the intellect of some.

Oh, and by the way, Medula, what on earth are you talking about here?

"You are nothing more than an anti-5.7x28mm bigot AND YOU HAVEN'T EVEN ONE OF YOUR OWN NOR HAVE YOU EVER FIRED ONE!!! LMAO!!! What knowledge do you have of the weapons system outside what you've read on and all the other 'if it ain't an AR or a 1911, it ain't worth spit' type sites? Have you personally seen what the caliber is capable of in both laboratory conditions and real-life testing? Have you ever even read Doc. Facklers reasearch? I SINCERELY DOUBT IT, ALL YOU'VE READ IS EXCERPTS POSTED BY PEOPLE WHO PLAGEURIZED THE INFORMATION FROM A LEXUS/NEXUS SEARCH. NEVER, NOT ONCE, HAS ALL OF MARTY FACKLERS RESEARCH BEEN POSTED OUTSIDE OF THE TRADE PUBLICATION AS ITS COPYRIGHTED. In order to actually read what Dock Fackler wrote you would have to join a trade association that charges several THOUSAND dollars per year to belong. And that's only if you qualified for membership! Lacking an MD and specialization in Pathology, its highly unlikely that the International Wound Ballistics Association would have anything to do with you."
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