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I read your little rant... Every one in every thread about the 5.7x28mm (I feel 10 IQ points dumber, btw). You still have not addressed the issue. All you do is attack other people. Have any facts you'd like to share? Any wisdom you'd like to pass on?

Didn't think so.

You are nothing more than an anti-5.7x28mm bigot AND YOU HAVEN'T EVEN ONE OF YOUR OWN NOR HAVE YOU EVER FIRED ONE!!! LMAO!!! What knowledge do you have of the weapons system outside what you've read on and all the other 'if it ain't an AR or a 1911, it ain't worth spit' type sites? Have you personally seen what the caliber is capable of in both laboratory conditions and real-life testing? Have you ever even read Doc. Facklers reasearch? I SINCERELY DOUBT IT, ALL YOU'VE READ IS EXCERPTS POSTED BY PEOPLE WHO PLAGEURIZED THE INFORMATION FROM A LEXUS/NEXUS SEARCH. NEVER, NOT ONCE, HAS ALL OF MARTY FACKLERS RESEARCH BEEN POSTED OUTSIDE OF THE TRADE PUBLICATION AS ITS COPYRIGHTED. In order to actually read what Dock Fackler wrote you would have to join a trade association that charges several THOUSAND dollars per year to belong. And that's only if you qualified for membership! Lacking an MD and specialization in Pathology, its highly unlikely that the International Wound Ballistics Association would have anything to do with you.

You pretending to have any knowledge about the weapon or cartridge is just like saying "Burger King has the best hamburger because J.D. Power (and associates) says so through their testing!!!" Did you ever wonder who was paying J.D. Power (and associates) to conduct their survey???

But I'll give you this: You sure are humurous to read... Yes sir! Its always funnier than all geddout to watch someone make an ass of themselves when attempting to sound authoritative on a subject about which they have no knowledge of!!!

As much as it pains me to admit (cause' I hate his guts) Shipwreck is completely right about you and your cronies... :barf:
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