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Originally Posted by Davis

Two words "Black Talon"

Two more words "Cop Killer"

Three more words "Democrat controlled Congress"

Three more words "President Hillary Clinton"

And P99 guy, **** you and your horse. You want to flame me, come on. I have posting nothing as a personal nature towards you. So you're a cop, eh? I'm a Forester. I've been shot at. I've had guns pulled on me. I carry a side arm in the course of my job when it calls. I am President of my own firm. In no way did I personally attack you. Library my ass. Grow up.


Pretty clear who started and continues the personal attacks.

It does help if you have some understanding of what going on, but I think you do. Davis you are just bent on causing problems on this thread.

Originally Posted by Davis
Ah, so these posts should be populated only by those who are enamored by the round? Put on the blinders, eh? Only adulation, eh? Okay. Worry not, I shall no longer denigrate your expensive toy.

Priced a HK or a Sig lately?
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