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Three words: "Loose the attitude."

I have found everyone of your posts to be confrontational in a personal sort of way. So someone doesn't happen to agree with your position on the 5.7x28mm weapons system; and you seem to be unreasonably unable to come to grips with the fact that someone else has a differing opinion.

Another four words: "Loose the curse-words." According to the rules of the site "2) Language that would be inappropriate in the polite company of strangers is quite unwelcome here."

What would you consider "F***you and your horse!" ??? [FYI, I've reported this post] Regardless if you think you were justified, the fact remains that you were the one that digressed to swearing towards others. I think you should grow up, too!

Another three words "Assault-weapons Ban..." EXPIRED! Didn't realize that? OR are you still hunkered down waiting for Comrade Bush to re-authorize it???

Here's a fact, fellas. Let the anti's create a buzz word; its OK as it helps us determine who's a gun-banner...Then we need to take that word and make it our own! Use it so much and so often that it looses the stigma that the libtards would attach to it. I rather like the words 'assault rifle...' Sounds.. eeeevvviiiillllll... And what did we learn from 80's Heavy Metal music??? eeeevvvviiiillll is COOL!!!
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