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Posts: 1,506 body is bragging, and there is really no such thing as a Cop killer bullet, any more than there is "semi automatic assault rifles" as news anchors say with a twinkle in their eye.
It will do what it will do and putting your head in the sand will not make it stop. If anybody says what they WILL do then its bragging, but talk about what they wont do and your one of the guys.

I have 20 years in as a LEO, Do you? I want to know exactly what something will do, so I tested it and was the first one to break it to the naysayers over on ARFcom almost 3 years ago when they started wont this and wont that without the "GOOD" ammo(which is just BALL ammo)
5.7 bullets made by FN are consistant as heck, when it comes to yaw...Hornady V-Max isnt made to yaw.

That FBI minimum penetration stuff? I was a LEO before they came out with that to cover their rear ends over that horribly botched Miami shootout.
its a lot easier to blame a winchester silvertip than a fallen hero for mistakes
made that resulted in deaths.....with FBI minimum penetration ammo you can have the bad guy bend over and moon you...shoot him in the butt and still reach heart/lungs....when a bad guy facing you is on average of 12 inches thick...with the vitals 2-6 inches deep (Didnt you ever wonder why combat knifes have 5 to 7 inch blades????? they will reach the vitals with a stab)

7.62x25 DOES have a harder time going through a protective vest because it is round nose instead of pointed, and out of a pistol it is right at that 1650fps
threshold that a II wont stop and a IIIA will.( this isnt a secret, its on NIJ standards charts)

the larger the diameter the pistol bullet is,the easier it is to stop as a rule, as it engages more fibers that must be either cut, or parted...hollow point magnum bullets mushroom creating even more frontal area for the fibers to capture, and slow down. an ice pick on the other hand will go right through without a thought.

27 5.7x28 SS192/195 projectiles that have gone through the aforementioned panel THEN yawed in the dry phone books....that why they look like little cowboy boots ..the nose mashed to the side from sideways momentum

it carries vest fibers through the phone books...a mess

after being shot to swiss cheese with , the vest still stopped magnum pistol fire just fine

this shows the 5.7 exits on the inside of the vest panel(before they entered into the phone books..and that we shot the magnum rounds OPPOSITE of the strike face of the vest and it still stopped them cold even with all the 5.7 holes.

Lighten up Francis!.....;Actor Warren Oats, in the movie "Stripes"

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