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I'm about your size 6' 4" 325 and I have found that a comp-tac shirt tucker holster works with my kel-tec pf-9 well. As long as I am wearing an untucked polo shirt that is long enough it can ride at 4:30 all day with little to no printing. (most people won't notice your gun unless the handle is showing) It is all about finding your sweet spot. Mine happens to be just behind and under the love handle. With the right shirt I can hide my 4" XD as well but it is to much to tote in the heat.

I'm in the Florida heat so the odds of me carrying OWB are limited to about 3 days a year even then it warms up midday and the jacket is out of place.

Pocket carry is good too. I will probably go for a small .380 with my next purchase.
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