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Do you carry a knife?
Just wondering if many folks carry a knife as a secondary defense weapon.

I was raised in a time one was not dressed if they did not have a knife on person.
Boys and Girls, Ladies and Gents, didn't matter, one was not dressed without a knife.
Knives were just another tool.

1.No tool is any better than user of said tool.
2. It is the intent of the user - not the tool itself.

Seems some folks around here use that second one a lot against Gun Control folks and legislations...

As a kid, we brought pocket knives to school, we sharpened pencils with them and what not.

Defensive stuff we were taught was Mental.
So yeah a knife "could be" used as a defensive tool, then again so could that stapler on the teacher's desk, or that mason jar full of pencils, crayons and the like, or that *groan* Math text book.

Oh I have used a Case Trapper and defended myself in a serious situation.
Sliced his stomach wide open with that carbon steel blade, and he let go, and dropped that gun right fast!

Case Trapper is what I carried because I did all sorts of things with it. Cutting rope, opening boxes, cleaning fish, game, whittling...

I don't run around with a Heavy Glass Pitcher as a defensive weapon, be it primary, secondary or name a "dary".

I know for a fact a Glass Pitcher will stop an immediate threat right fast.
I and mine in had guns, and the Mental said " use the pitcher".

Street Smarts:
I've seen the homeless person take a screwdriver and beat the gangbanger with a "nine" . He did not get cut using that screwdriver either.
Use Enough Gun
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