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I paid for a holster last April. They sent me the wrong holster in August of 2006. I sent it back. They ignored my emails for months then spontaneously responded [after I insisted on a holster or a refund] in June 2007 and told me that Graham was making my holster at that time. In August 2008, I received a holster from them. It was for the wrong gun!

I have emailed them twice since receipt of this holster and told them that I will ship it back USPS with Delivery Confirmation after I have received a refund. The reason that I am insisting on a refund prior to shipment is precisely because of their extremely poor communication habits.

I am extremely disappointed in my dealings with Pale Horse Holsters and am not impressed by the quality of the two IWB holsters that I have handled throughout this debacle.

Graham's website lists a mailing address for Pale Horse Holsters as:

L. Ross
Pale Horse Holsters
PO Box 2082
Gresham, Or. 97030

His site also explains his views on customer service and satisfaction.:

Customer service and support is important to me, so we have formed "Pale Horse Holsters". Pale Horse is a company who's purpose is to handle all sales and customer support for my line of holsters. They are professionals who know my products and will handle your questions and purchase in a quick and efficient manner.

The email addresses on Graham's site are defunct and the email addresses on the Pale Horse site rarely generate responses. Neither site provides a telephone number and the Pale Horse site doesn't list a mailing address

Graham's Custom Gun Leather

Pale Horse Holsters
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