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Heres my .02

There are guys here who I have very little in common with politically but who I can converse with either on the phone or debate on the Board in a fun fashion. These are long term senior members who share the same interest in guns as we all (or most) of us do, they just have dumb political ideas .

But we can talk about it....

What gets my goat, and I have no hesitation about saying this, are folks who are on this board SOLELY to advance their political agenda and end up making outrageous statements and claims that are so silly sometimes as to cast discredit on this Board...those claims of course being coupled with all those os so trendy political adjectives.....

I will continue to respond as nicely as I possibly can (which isn't real nice i reckon, but one must recognize ones own psychological flaws) simply so lurkers don't think that gun owners are as fringe as the elitist left thinks they are....

This goes along with my general irritation about those who come off like Attila the Hun whenever a crime story is mentioned...but hey, I'm gonna be a goodfella and hit that report button instead of wasting my karma on trying to keep people nice....nice enforcement belongs to the Mods...

And with apologies and attribution to that great American Philospher, Tamara, please don't presume to tell me the way the world works if you were in diapers when I was getting married for the third time


PS...the above is why I absent myself from L&P on occasions....I just want to be alone, dahling ;0
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