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I have been searching off and on for reference or mention of the J&R Eng. m-68 for two years! I have one and need a little help. I bought it after a friend of mine (not to smart) managed to twist the guide rods and recoil springs. He did this by applying a pin spanner to the rear hatch cover and trying to unscrew it for dissassembly. The cover does not come off that way. I always loved that little gun and thats why I bought it from him. I was very confident that I could fix it but now I have to say that I am very stumped about how to get that little hatch cover off. It free-spins with the pin spanner but does not want to pop out in any position. There is what appears to be a little key latch that might engage a raceway along the edge of the cover but it does not move at all. I can probably find recoil springs that will work and I can make duplicate guide rods on a lathe but that rear cover would have to come out. Does anybody know whats going on here? ANY help or words of advise would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Any manuals or diagrams would just be awsome! Anyhow... Thanks guys for reading this and have a great day!
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