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"To tell the truth, boat-tails are oversold. They fly flatter because they set up less drag than flat-base bullets, but you won't see much if any difference in trajectory for the first 300 yards."-Hornady ballistician Dave Emary

"As for accuracy, my tests show that flat-base bullets, on average, turn in tighter groups. Making a tapered heel is tricky; you have two angles instead of one, and both must be perfect. Unlike the bullet's nose, which can take a lot of abuse without affecting accuracy, the heel must be cleanly shaped and any taper concentric. Irregularities result in tipping when the bullet leaves the muzzle. Then you kiss accuracy good-bye. On the other hand, match bullets are mostly boat-tails, and some of them print one-hole groups. It's dangerous to generalize," he said.-Dave Emary

"My favorite saying is the records speak for its self. Show me a national benchrest record shot with a boat-tail bullet. One thing that clouds the issue is that no high powermatch bullets are made with a flat base so they can only be compared with custom match bullets made with flat bases of which there are few.I will say that the small amount of loss of accuracy is off set by theability to overcome conditions due to decreased flight time at ranges of 600 and beyond."-Gale McMillan
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