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CZ83: Two Questions

Hey Y'All --

Am new to this forum as of today, specifically to get your input to the following two questions. Background: I'm a pilot, and have reason to carry small, concealed, sub-sonic, and suppressed. I've pretty much finalized on the CZ-83, in 9mm Browning (short/.380), but am open to the Markarov barrel if it is the only CZ-83 barrel that can be suppressed.

I want a suppressor, and it only makes sense to me to get it from the start. While I understand the mechanics of expanding gas suppression, I know nothing about companies making excellent suppressors and barrels.

Q1 - Having finalized on the CZ-83, who do I get it from who can combine the new purchase with extended (screw-on) barrel and silencer/suppressor?

Q2 - Where to shop for best price? I have a local in-my-state dealer who can receive and complete the legal transaction(s).

Thanks. I await y'all's responses.
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