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"I'm looking to be left alone...if only anti gun peaple would read and understand this"

My problem with liberals is that they truly believe 'their way' is the ultimate model for a civilization. Now granted, there are lots of Democrats who favor firearms, but a true liberal is more akin to a socialist. Any man who has the capacity to resist is a threat to this model.

When we use the phrase "left alone," it implies to a liberal that even their most scalding application of law and conformity cannot be implemented. They cannot make you do what they feel is your civic duty. They cannot disarm you without the very real possibility of injury, and you refuse to disarm yourself.

I often show this example. During the late 1960's (during the war protest years), I was a student at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. I wore my cycle club colors to class every day, and never once hid my beliefs or intentions in formal classroom debates or in private discussions.

Despite being out-numbered 40,000 to one, not once was I injured, jumped, slapped, pushed or threatened. Just hated.

If the liberals would have had any real power, they would have brought it to bear. After all, they were big talkers in the street. However, with the threat of actual personal injury, nothing happened.

In our present society, we don't see any vast societal opposition with a family man and a small gun collection. To a socialist, he is an ulimate threat.

He can defend his ideals.
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