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Black Lab

Maybe I'm a bit off topic, But can anyone offer training suggestions/books etc. on training a Lab? training schools around here teach sit, stay, blah blah yackety schmackety. "Hunting? HMPHHH! Find someone else!"
My Black lab is overly eager. He's a great dog and other than with guns, he's obedient. He swims like and air craft carrier retrieving tennis balls, but sometimes goes after ducks. Haven't hunted with him yet, but at the mere sound of a gunshot he runs out and attacks the target. "Stay" is out of the question. I know it takes a lot of training and patience, but I'd like to do it right.
The one thing that almost works (but is not the right thing to do) is to use my ther dog. He's a border collie/chow mix, and is the senior dog. I tell him "Get Remi" (the lab) but Kio (the Mix) doesn't like the gun, just rounding up his little brother. If I ever shot a duck, all that would come back would be unidentifiable tissue.
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